A dream of making a truly Vietnamese pure chocolate

Each one of the three sisters in the family has her own interests and abilities but they have all one thing in common and that is the passion for endless business. The youngest one, after studying and living in Belgium for many years, had become fascinated by the chocolate “specialties” of that country.

Many times she was on the verge of going back home to create a chocolate brand for the Vietnamese people; it would also serve as a path to growth and enrichment for the local farmers. When they heard their sister sharing her dream, Ms. Ho Nghia and Ms Phuong immediately agreed because, after visiting a garden in Dak Lak, Ms Nghia herself had the idea to make products from cocoa beans in order to help the farmers find sources of consumption. With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, she worked hard to study Belgian chocolate’s production process.

So, the three sisters of the Ho family worked together, boldly investing in some specialized machines imported from Belgium to Vietnam, to ensure the safety and accuracy of the products. Competing with a large capital on a new brand was a risk but they all believed that, with its quality, Zeni Chocolate would find its own market position.

Ms. Ho Nghia has been attentive to meet the customers’ requirements, thus ensuring a good supply and demand balance. Therefore, Zeni Chocolate has been gradually well received by Vietnamese and even international customers. Talking about her passion, the founder of Zeni Chocolate said: “Our motto being to enrich farmers on their own land and to ensure sustainable agriculture, we work directly with cocoa farmers. We supervise and accompany them to obtain a clean product. Specifically, the process of caring, harvesting, fermenting, and drying is attentively advised at each stage”.

Unlike many types of chocolate on the market, Zeni chocolate’s flavor is less sour, its taste less acrid. This is because post-harvest cocoa processing and fermentation technique are conducted carefully. Zeni chocolate is produced using two exclusive components: cocoa beans and integral sugar.  In order to ensure absolute quality its products do not contain any additives or artificial flavoring. Instead of mass production to gain quick profits.

Dark chocolate is a nutritious food that has many benefits for human health as well as an effective beauty remedy. A bar of dark chocolate contains a lot of oligo elements such as copper, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium… Therefore, it is our great pleasure to be able to confidently introduce Vietnamese people to consume a dark chocolate made from home materials as a daily healthy supplement food or snack at work or at home.